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BIMcraftHQ Project Template Bundle

BIMcraftHQ Project Template Bundle

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  • Revit Version 2020
  • Family Version 1.2

The BIMcraftHQ Project Template has been built to our highest standards, with what we consider to be some of the best methods for maintaining consistency amongst all your Revit projects.

It is clean, organised, embedded with intelligent parameters, systems and pre-sets to keep your projects moving fast from conception to documentation.

We actively use this template for our projects, and it continues to evolve. By purchasing this Project Template you are entitled to all future upgrades, and we welcome feedback for potential improvements.


Family Type: N/A

Family Category: Project Template

Custom Object Styles:

  • N/A

Shared Family: N/A

PBR Texures: Yes

  1. The pre-loaded families and view settings in this template orientate it towards medium to large scale commercial, industrial, retail, hospitality, services, and more.
  2. This Project Template has been created with the Architectural discipline in mind.
  3. This Project Template and all its pre-set family types are based on the metric system. If you wish to switch the units to imperial, family naming conventions will also need to be updated.
  4. Pre-set sizes of wall layers, construction elements and some families are based on Australian Standards and may need to be adjusted to suit your region.

While we have no doubt the systems, schedules, pre-sets, and families in this template will be valuable to all despite the above, please keep these points in mind when considering your purchase.

Nested families included in this purchase:

Version 1 Updates

Version 1.0 - 08/05/2021

Starter 3D Family Set, Starter 2D Detail Family Set, System Families Setup, Graphic Standards Setup, View Templates & View Types Setup, Applied Shared Parameters, Applied Keynote Coding System, Comprehensive Material Setup.

Version 1.1 - 04/08/2021

•    Updated General Building Elevations Depth cueing
•    Fixed Master Sheet List to properly display grouping breakups
•    Added sheet issue date to Sheet naming schedule.
•    Updated Package naming to capitals for clear visual distinction between packages and views.
•    Updated door schedule to use thickness parameter instead of custom shared parameter for increased useability with non-BIMcraftHQ Doors.
•    Added shaft detail family.
•    Added Scope box for GA Building and applied it to all GA Plans and Grids.
•    Further cleaned up redundant object styles.
•    Cleaned up naming of various material asset types.
•    Cleaned up rouge line styles.
•    Added Basic Tree family to template.
•    Updated Downpipe family and Single Swing Door family to newest versions.

Version 1.2 -    24/10/2021

•    Updated to Single Swing Door to version 3.2
•    Updated error in appearance in Chamfered Framed Door Panel.
•    Updated keynote and shared parameter files to include new data for door hardware and types.
•    Removed working view types dependency on templates when created.
•    Cleaned up rouge area plan view types.
•    Added Revisions Schedule.

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