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Adjustable Parking Space

Adjustable Parking Space

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  • Revit Version 2020
  • Family Version 1.0

This Adjustable Parking Space comes as a set of two families. 

The first is a single space version that is adaptable to any size, it has optional electric, accessible, and motorbike graphics, including the ability to activate left and right shared spaces and wheel stops.

The second family is an arrayed version of the first, capable of hosting the shared single version, allowing the user to array any space type to any length. The fact that the single space family is shared makes creating quantity take-offs a breeze, simply count the number of families you have in your project. You can even right-click on a single space and select all instances to get a quick quantity gauge.

This Adjustable Parking Space family will be sure to speed up your parking creation while looking great at the same time.


Family Type: Host-Based

Family Category: Parking

Custom Object Styles:

  • Space Stripes
  • Space Symbols
  • Wheelstops

Shared Family: Yes

PBR Texures: Yes

When needing only a single space or if you need to activate the shared accessible spaces, use the single space family. For spaces of 2 or more, you can use the arrayed family.

Due to the single space family having a type based width parameter, the arrayed family does not automatically adjust its array spacing, if you chose to modify the width, be sure to adjust the type based spacing parameter in the array family also.

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