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BIMcraftHQ Shared Parameters File

BIMcraftHQ Shared Parameters File

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  • Revit Version 2020
  • Family Version 1.1

The BIMcraftHQ shared parameters file is broken down into 14 major categories, the three most in use being DAT_Data, DIM_Dimensions, and MAT_Materials. The parameters within these have then been split into general and specific.

The General subcategory contains parameters that are generic in nature, an example of a parameter that could be found in this group would be DIM_Width, which could belong to many different family types.

You will find that almost all BIMcraftHQ families are created using at least one general group parameter. Where possible, using a generic shared parameter will reduce the number of parameters that appear in your project and greatly increasing the ease and reliability of schedules.

The specific subcategory is as it sounds specific to a particular element. Mostly these are used for families that have many parts that require scheduling such as doors, windows or casework. It is sometimes tempting to use the shared parameter file as your resource for all parameters for all families, but unless the parameter needs to be scheduled in the project, it is important not to create it as a shared parameter. But, if the DIM_PillowWidth absolutely must be quantified or scheduled in your project, then the specific subcategory is where you would create it.


Use this Shared Parameter file to begin efficiently organising schedulable parameters in your Revit library, or use it as a guide to developing your own system. All BIMcraftHQ families and the BIMcraftHQ Project Template are based upon the parameters you will find in this file. This gives us consistency in operation and the confidence that any family we load will integrate perfectly with pre-establish schedules.


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Family Category: Shared Parameters File

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Version 1 Updates

Version 1.1

  • Updated to include additions to door families.
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