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Trench and Pit Drain

Trench and Pit Drain

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  • Revit Version 2020
  • Family Version 1.1

This Trench and Pit Drain family is a one-stop solution to the most common interior and exterior drains. Capable of being a standard floor drain, trench drain, and pit drain, of any rectangle dimension. To keep the family flexible and light, the representation of the drain insert, be it tiles, grate, or cross grate, is achieved through the material selection. Safeguards have been used sparingly with this family as there isn’t much need for creative flexibility, and by not constraining the length parameter with safeguards it can be instance-based and draggable, a useful feature for fitting the Trench and Pit Drain family quickly in your space.


Family Type: Floor-Based

Family Category: Generic Models

Custom Object Styles:

  • Drains

Shared Family: No

PBR Texures: Yes

Version 1 Updates
  • Updated family and shared parameters for integration with BIMcraftHQ project template.
  • Improved parameter naming and organising.
  • Updated textures to new PBR type with 1024x1024px texture maps.
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