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Hedge Shrub Pack

Hedge Shrub Pack

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  • Revit Version 2020
  • Family Version 1.0

An adaptable modular Hedge Shrub Pack that is perfect for that classic manicured Revit garden or a simple border hedge. Revit HQ shrubs are created with 2D and 3D in mind, utilising a stylised 3D appearance, and optional plan representations of 5 different styles. Intelligently built, these shrubs have visibility parameters associated with their ends, and reference planes embedded for quickly dragging and snapping. These two features allowing you to quickly create a continuous hedge in any shape you wish.

This pack contains 8 shrubs of 2 different heights and 4 different shapes that have an adjustable width that scales both 2D and 3D representations. For those that have an Enscape license, all shrubs within the Hedge Shrub Pack are pre-linked with Enscape native assets, meaning instant high-quality representation upon opening the Enscape render window.


Family Type: Host-Based

Family Category: Planting

Custom Object Styles:

  • 2D Shrub Canopy

Shared Family: No

PBR Texures: No

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