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Callouts and Sections, which to choose?

There has been a lot of confusion as of late in my office over when is and isn't the right time to use a callout, and what exactly the difference is between a Detail Callout and a Floor Plan Callout. This was most obvious on one particular job where someone early in the project decided to use a callout to create their new floor plan, this floor plan didn't need a referencing callout cloud in the host view, but this was just a quick way of creating a lower scale floor plan at the time. Along the way this went unnoticed, and every time a new floor plan was created using the duplicate floor plan technique, another callout cloud was also duplicated on the original host plan. This continued to the point where this host floor plan view was so overrun with callout clouds that it was simply renamed, 'DO NOT TOUCH', as deleting it would result in almost all of our developed floor plans being deleted also.

This should obviously never happen. So in response, I have attempted to map out a flow chart that breaks down the difference between callouts and sections and the way they respond to different types of views. Let's hope this helps you avoid the scenario above.

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